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Welcome to the website of East Midlands Universities Air Squadron (EMUAS). University Air Squadrons exist around the UK and provide students with the opportunity to experience life as an officer in the Royal Air Force, as well as the opportunity to partake in a number of exercises held across the year, including year-round flying training offered by our Qualified Flying Instructors. In addition to the flying training that you will receive, EMUAS offers a wide variety of ground training; the details of which can be found on the "Training" page. Sport plays a big part in the squadron, with EMUAS entering competitions for Football, Hockey, Swimming, Athletics, Skiing and Rifle-shooting. The squadron has approximately 80 members, with around 35 of those recruited each year from Leicester, Lincoln, Loughborough and Nottingham Universities. The squadron currently flies out of Royal Air Force College Cranwell, and holds weekly meetings at its town headquarters in Nottingham.


As a student on the Universities Air Squadron, the opportunity is open for you to learn to fly. However, there is no obligation to train. Students can either choose to follow the structured 30 Hour syllabus, or if they wish they can still experience the excitement of flying through Air experience flying. We not only fly though, we also participate in many adventurous training activities such as, rock climbing and skiing.

Social Events

Social Events held by the Squadron are a great way of meeting everyone in a relaxed atmosphere, especially during the first term where everything can seem a bit daunting. There are both formal and informal socials throughout the year, which are mainly organised by students. Formal events will require either your uniform or will be a black tie, whilst our informal socials have a varied dress of either casual or fancy dress attire.

Sporting Activities

There are many opportunities to participate in sporting activities, both within the squadron and in competition against other squadrons, in hockey, football, rugby, volleyball and athletics to name but a few. Students generally organise sporting events and with the help from squadron staff. East Midlands UAS host the Inter UAS football tournament at RAFC Cranwell and is a highlight of the year.

Freshers 2017

At EMUAS we are looking for people with high moral and physical courage who are reliable, responsible and confident. You will soon respect the achievements of those students already on the Squadron and your commitment will be rewarded by similar respect for yourselves as you become more involved. Those successful are presented with endless opportunities - not only do we offer military flying training, but members can take part in adventurous training and sports including rock climbing, football, sailing, rugby, mountaineering, hockey, mountain biking, ski touring, sky diving and much more.

If you like what you've read so far, and you have a keen interest in committing yourself to one of the best organisations available to full-time students, then make sure you come down to your Freshers’ Fair. You can spend some time talking to the current students and find out just what it is like juggling life on the Squadron with a full-time degree, or talk to our staff to find out what opportunities will lay in store if you are successful in gaining a place on the Squadron. You'll be just a step away from the most invigorating and wide ranging experiences open to an undergraduate.

East Midlands Universities’ Air Squadron will be represented at the following University Freshers’ Fairs in 2017:

Lincoln Monday 18th September
De Montfort Monday 25th September
Nottingham Wednesday 27th September
Thursday 28th September
Nottingham Trent, City Campus Thursday 28th September
Leicester Friday 29th September
Loughborough Saturday 30th September
Sunday 1st October

All students wishing to join are encouraged to attend one of the fairs listed above. If you cannot attend your own university’s Freshers’ Fair feel free to visit us at one of the others. If you are unable to attend any of the Freshers’ Fairs, please contact us using the details listed on our contacts page. Unfortunately, the process of recruitment is resolved within a short period of time. As a result, applications received after 1st October cannot be considered. If you intend to join it is advised that you do NOT transfer your medical records from home to university until your application has been processed.

Initial interviews will take place at the Freshers Fair, applicants will be notified by email a few days later with the outcome and whether or not they have been succesful in gaining a formal interview.
Formal interviews will take place as follows;

Lincoln University RAF Cranwell 4th - 6th October
All other universities Town Headquarters
Beeston, Nottingham
9th - 13th October

What We Do

Below are just a few images to help you get an idea of what we get up to on our time on the squadron

    Bisley Shooting
    Chinook Visit
    Malta Climbing
    Egypt Diving
    Families Day Drill Display
    Families Day Aircraft
    Football Tournament
    Families Day Force Development Display
    Hawk T2 Passenger Trip
    High Ropes Exercise
    Barcelona Marathon
    Royal International Air Tattoo
    Sailing Expedition
    Austria Skiing Expedition
    Sky Diving Training
    STRIKE Exercise
    Cornwall Expedition
    Tutor Formation Flight
    Wales Expedition


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